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Carol Lieberman b. 1947 received her B.A. from Brooklyn College. After graduating, she ran her own company designing millinery, accessories and jewelry for 30 years. Her designs were sold to major retail outlets throughout the United States. When she started to paint she began exploring many artistic forms that drew from her years as a designer.

Fabric for its sensuality and metals for their reflective and textural qualities were her inspirations.

As an art major at Brooklyn College she studied with Philip Pearlstein. His eye for detail left a lasting impression. When she started to paint again she had the fortune to study with Hongnian Zhang. His yin/yang principles to painting opened her up to explore realism in a different way. He gave her the tools needed to find her way to her paintings today.

Her current works explore abstractions found in everyday observations. In doing so, revealing layers beyond that of a perceived reality, to that of a more intuitive one.

She resides in Woodstock, New York with her husband and her two cats Stan and Ollie.